Warranty Information

1. Truck Center International Ltd. provides a 24-month warranty for all the remanufactured calipers, but not longer than 2 years since the packing date. All the damage claims related to improper use of production, shall not be accepted.

2. The warranty period starts from the moment when the product has been sold by the official distributor or importer of the Truck Center International company (Confirming documents have to be provided by the buyer).

3. All the claims shall be directed to claim@truckcenter.ee

4. Claim instructions to be followed:

4.1. The distributor / importer should notify company Truck Center International the claim has been received from the end consumer within 7 days.

4.2. Actual consideration will begin after the official warranty form is filled and directed to claim@truckcenter.ee

4.3. Truck Center International Considers the claim within 7 days from receipt of all necessary documents and information.

4.4. The decision was taken by the Truck Center International company and all the related questions to a return will be sent back to an importer / distributor. The decision takes effect immediately.

5. In several cases, the damaged product shall be returned back to Truck Center International company. The product under its warranty should be packed and marked as «Claim». Warranty form shall also be printed and placed into the box and sent to Paneeli 4, 13816 Tallinn, Estonia.

Actual return is possible only in case all the related regulations were followed correctly.

6. All the claims are subjects of the co-operation between the official distributor / importer and Truck Center International company.

7. The warranty gives a right for a product replacement, or have a deposit in the amount of the product price, or have a cash refund for product replacement in the work-shop, but not more than 100 EUR for one case.

8. The warranty is void if the product has not been properly installed (water, oil separators, condensate must be replaced before installation in the air system, the chambers must be sealed) or not stored properly (outdoors, in a damp or heavily dusty room, in an open form without boxes, without protective labels on the product). Warranty does not cover natural wear, effects of wear, chemical damage (use of unsuitable or poor quality liquids), as well as any interference by third parties.

Download Warranty Claim Form