Emergencies are rare. However, they are the measure of which perfectly functioning brake calipers have to meet. The reliability and performance of brakes ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and other road users. We can’t take any shortcuts when it comes to our client’s safety. We test, we collect data, we ask feedback, we test again. There is absolutely no doubt that our remanufactured products meet exactly the same high quality and safety requirements as new brake calipers.



We only use the most up to date and most progressive systems that ensure proper assembly of the brake calipers and thus for the strict compliance with all requirements and tight manufacturing tolerance series. Our remanufactured brake calipers fulfill all safety and quality requirements to do their job in daily life. Our production quality ensures durability, reliability, and safety for our clients. That is the reason why we give all our remanufactured brake calipers factory warranty.



It is in our hands how we treat this planet. Remanufactured calipers protect the environment since only the safety-related parts are replaced. We buy and re-manufacture old brake calipers all around the World to give this metal new life without hurting ours. We know our responsibility towards the environment and our employees and we will do everything possible to ensure that we measure up to that task.