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Truck Center International is the largest supplier of remanufactured commercial vehicle brake calipers, delivering high-quality genuine remanufactured brake calipers for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications including HALDEX, KNORR-BREMSE, MERITOR, WABCO, BPW in Europe.

Our head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. We have also offices and logistics centers in Spain, Finland, Kazakhstan, and expanding steadily our presence in other countries as well.

To meet the needs of our customers we focus on having shipment ready products in stock. Our wide range of quality brake calipers has given us our reputation and client base moving forward. We keep building on the same reputation in the future.

A sense of Confidence behind the wheel


A-sense of Confidence behind the wheel

The safety of the driver and passengers of modern high-speed cars in dense traffic conditions directly depends on the condition of all components of the vehicle's brake system. Taking into account this factor, Truck Center International introduced a multistage quality control system at its production sites; which excludes the possibility of getting a substandard product to the consumer.

Advanced technical support, technological innovations, laboratory research, and practical tests - guaranteeing the compliance of quality parameters of the calipers we remanufactured with characteristics of new analogues.

All this is confirmed by the certificates ISO 9001:2015

Cost-effective price


Cost-effective price

Remanufacturing price is usually 30 - 50% lower compared to buying new parts, while still maintaining the same quality.

Contribution to the future


Contribution to the future

The state of the environment, the way we transfer the planet to our descendants, depends entirely on our actions. The technology of restoration of calipers can significantly reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, as it requires replacing only some particularly critical parts.

Truck Center International is aware of its responsibility for environmental safety and implements a comprehensive targeted program to protect employees' health and preserve nature.

For any suprise on the road


For any unexpected situations on the road

Compliance with the most stringent quality standards is one of the key principles of our company's corporate policy. For each of the production stages - the acceptance of the part, the performance of the dismantling work, and the restoration procedure itself - strict criteria and technical regulations are developed and adhere to.

We finalize the procedure with a 100% test of the restored caliper; Allowing you to have full confidence in its functionality, reliability, and durability. Confirmed by the corresponding warranty guarantee provided to the buyer.

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